SOTC Porn Day Continues: Peter Saville's Erotic House of Pop, Underway Now

Speaking of porn, legendary Joy Division album artist, designer, and photographer Peter Saville is currently shooting some in real time, which you can stream live on the internet even as I write this. The explanation? "As backdrop to an editorial story for July 2009 Wallpaper* magazine, Peter Saville's febrile imagination constructs an imaginary 'Erotic House' of Pop perversity, sexualising an entire post-modern environment and fetishising furniture, fashion and flesh alike." Right. At the moment, a women in a full bodysuit of silver lame is draping herself over what appears to be an extremely futuristic chair--it looks not unlike some combination of different Star Wars helmets. This would've been a much more comfortable location for that Dim Mak video.

Peter Saville's 'Erotic House' of Pop [Selectism]

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