Attention Dream Fanatics: Go Listen to the Electrik Red Record

So How to Be a Lady, Volume 1, the avidly anticipated debut of The-Dream's quantum-sass girl-group, Electrik Red, is still streaming in full on their MySpace as of 1 a.m. (sleep troubled by Roberto Bolaño + dismaying Cavs loss). It's out Tuesday. "We Fuck You" is now "W.F.Y." (Probably for the best.) "P Is for Power" is both self-explanatory and equally luxuriantly lurid. "9 to 5" is not a Dolly Parton cover. "Little boy/It's gon' take more than game/To make me change my name/And you better not be lame" is pretty terrible. And the best tracks seem more like How to Be The-Dream's Perfect Lady: Cook for him, fall into a lust-paralysis stupor when he's not around (that'd be "Bed Rest"), practice "Devotion," and consider the low-maintenance joys of considering him a "Friend Lover." There's also a weird laundry motif. Love vs. Money devotees able to suspend both their disbelief and their feminist ardor will love it. You don't fuck it, though...

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