Hear/Read Along As Oneida Tear Things Down at the Market Hotel

31 Music_Harvilla575.jpg
Santiago Felipe

Perhaps you might be interested in hearing the audio to last Friday's Oneida show Rob Harvilla describes so ably in this week's Voice? Did 2009 jam-of-the-moment "Ghost in the Room" in fact induce "a sort of fist-pumping nirvana in which everyone is too mesmerized to actually pump their fists"? Can you actually hear the "rushed, sloppy, desperate quality" of 2006's contender-to-remember "Up With the People"? Find out at nyctaper, which has the audio, plus the details on the "pro-quality sound system" that may or may not join air-conditioning as a permanent feature of the Market Hotel. Also notable is the part where New York's finest live music archivist calls Rob a "professional." Maybe he even is one!

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