Lauren Dukoff's Family: Pretty Pictures of Devandra Banhart, Bat for Lashes, Others

Recently, rock photographer Lauren Dukoff released Family, a collection of photography which, among other things, chronicles the photographer's long friendship with Devandra Banhart. The book also presents Dukoff's portraits of Vetiver, Bat for Lashes, Joanna Newsom, and other musicians/artists/friends; most of the photos are gorgeous, as are most of the people in the photos, done up in their Last Waltz finest. Family comes with an intro, penned by the photographer, rife with wacky observations and oddly domestic details:

    In New York I photographed Natasha Kahn (of Bat for Lashes) in the Brooklyn apartment she'd recently moved into, which had belonged to a woman who'd passed away, unpacked boxes lining the walls and old fabric curtains in her window fluttering in the breeze.

    I took the bus upstate to visit Priestbird at the small house near Woodstock where they were recording rough takes for their next album. Greg met me at the bus stop and we took photos by a small barn behind the house, surrounded by half a dozen goats and kids and one bucking male goat who was itching for challenge.

Etc. Some of the pictures are very lovely:

Ariana Delawari of Lion of Panjshir, San Luis Obispo, CA, March 2008

Devandra Banhart in that one level from Sonic 3: Joy Eslava Theater, Madrid, Spain, November 2007

Priestbird, Priestbird's recording studio, Woodstock, NY, March 2008

Check Family out further here.

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