New Fabolous, NSFW Video Edition: "Welcome to My Workplace"

It's been a little while since we checked in with Fabolous, the Brooklyn rapper whose Twitter we interviewed back in the innocent days of May. Back then people still cared about swine flu ("NEWS FLASH : Kermit the frog just passed away this morninq from swine flu," he tweeted then, blaming the whole thing on Miss Piggy), and Loso's Way, Fab's forthcoming fifth record, was slated for release in June, not late July. Things change. But some erstwhile rap video conventions don't, and Fab went in here, for the video to "Welcome to My Workplace," a new song that looks to be attached to Loso's Way--naked ladies chopping up coke, white boys buying it and screaming "I can't feel my face," Joe Budden lamping for no reason in a stairwell, 1-2 Wire cameos, and a song that will, should it make the record, almost assuredly be the hardest thing on there, album-Loso being mostly a crossover r&b thing. Quotable: "Better than McCartney with the Beatles when I work base." Indeed. [h/t Broken Cool]

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