Sasha Frere-Jones Is Writing a Book About Michael Jackson

michael jackson.jpg
From Daquella Manera's photostream.
So says the man himself. Given the inevitable avalanche of tawdry quickie bios already in the works, you can expect this one to be a bit more thoughtful, a bit classier, a bit... shorter. "It's going to be a short book," he promises, and for this too we are grateful. Further insight:

I want to leave the controversy behind: the vitiligo and the drugs and Blanket and Paris. I am interested in what he did that was different, how he recontextualized the past, how he changed the rules. This is a guy who grew up in a factory system, created his own system, and then had to deal with the fallout.

A good match, this. Certainly you can say that MJ employed a bit of swing, some empty space, and palpable bass frequencies.

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