Grizzly Bear Was Also At Grizzly Bear's Williamsburg Waterfront Pool Party

Sam Horine
Hey, look, Grizzly Bear's Ed Droste went to that Jay-Z show yesterday in Williamsburg.
A whole summer's worth of Jelly NYC Pool Parties on the Williamsburg waterfront took a bow yesterday, as Grizzly Bear, Beach House, and Vega played the final Sunday of the 2009 series. Solange Knowles' sister and her gentleman escort (who has about as much of an idea about how to dance to Grizzly Bear as I do) were in the building, along with Solange herself. Also, Chuck Schumer, for the second week running. The future status of the Pool Parties is not promised, our senior Senator noted, but he vowed to do all in his power to bring the burgeoning Brooklyn tradition back to the same spot next summer. In the meantime, peruse our slideshow--this will all seem like a very long time ago any minute now.

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