In Honor of YACHT's Surprising Best New Music Distinction, Let's Remember Back to When Jona Bechtolt Played Cinders Gallery in 2007

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This was back in April 2007, after Jona Bechtolt had left the Blow. This was before Bechtolt opened a string of shows for LCD Soundsystem, before YACHT would thereby get signed to DFA. This was right before I Believe in You. Your Magic Is Real had come out, but after copies were at shows for sale. This was back when Claire L. Evans wasn't a full contributing member to YACHT, but the young woman Jona told Graffiti Monsters guy Mark DeNardo, the lumberjack-styled fella who's pictured in the front row, was "the GF." This was the night when there was a burning smell about halfway through YACHT's set and it turned out that one of the speakers was on fire. This was before anyone but Brandon Stosuy and !!! and Todd P cared about Telepathe, who opened that night. This is before YACHT looked like neo-Roxette and put out naked-but-cleverly-censored press photos. This was when Jona Bechtolt had shaggy hair and red pants and wore an Andrew WK tie-dye. This was before YACHT played Santos Party House and a few days later wore a Santos Party House shirt to the Brooklyn Bowl. This was before YACHT's See Mystery Lights was Best New Music. This was a night we had a lot of fun.






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