Photos: Yeah Yeah Yeahs at the Music Hall of Williamsburg

yyys at musichall-15.jpg

Hardly a week since blowing out a slightly larger hall, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs played hometown heroes at a much smaller one in Williamsburg. The confetti-to-cellphone-photographer ratio was much better in Brooklyn, and for the first time since that Glasslands invasion, North Sixers could bask in O-Majesty's light without some bouncer barricade and a $100-plus festival ticket in the way. Rebecca Smeyne went to document the show.

yyys at musichall-1.jpg

yyys at musichall-2.jpg

yyys at musichall-3.jpg

yyys at musichall-4.jpg

yyys at musichall-5.jpg

yyys at musichall-6.jpg

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