The Amazing Baby Single "Supreme Being" Now Available Without the Words "Faggot," "Stoned," or "Stonerman"


Mountain Dew's MP3-as-single imprint Green Label Sound has an exclusive download of the Amazing Baby single "Supreme Being." The psych-pop track was a shimmering stand-out from the Brooklyn band's 2008 four-song EP Infinite Fucking Cross, so it was surprising when the moony floater didn't make their 2009 full-length Rewild. Mountain Dew offers this vague explanation: "It wasn't quite fully realized enough the first time around, so Green Label Sound got the band back in the studio to re-record the song." Hmmm.

The soda sponsor also brought in producer Dave Sardy--whose uber-pro credits include Marilyn Manson, LCD Soundsystem, Oasis, and the Zombieland score--and the revamped tune is 28 seconds longer, layered with My Bloody Valentine whale calls, and boosted with breathy-lady back-up vocals. It's also conveniently bowdlerized. The original couplet, "You're sitting in the shower/Listening to your faggot friend" now goes, for reasons that're probably self-explanatory, "You're sitting in the shower/Listening to your fffff-[the sound of a laser evaporating] friend." Moments later, the lines "Feeling like a lonely man/Stoned out like a stonerman" have also been Ed-Sullivanized--the second verse is now a repetition of the first. Can't say we're surprised at any changes made under the PepsiCo umbrella, but does this mean the accompanying already-in-production video won't feature any booby witches? Now that would be some real censorship.

Amazing Baby, "Supreme Being" [Green Label Sound]

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