At Last, The Twilight Saga: New Moon Soundtrack Ends the Long and Terrible Chart Reign of Michael Buble

Grizzly Bear, major cultural force in this country: the second Twilight soundtrack sold 153,000 copies this week, good for #1 and easily enough to knock international cipher Michael Buble to the three spot, where he plays runner up to Tim McGraw's Southern Voice, debuting at No. 2 with 137,000 copies sold. Jay-Z--who will likely see some small jump next week, should he ever successfully perform at the World Series--and Miley Cyrus round out the top 5, as they did last week. Fun fact: That porno Rammstein video? There was an album attached to that, Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da, and it lands in America this week No. 13, selling all of 22,000 records, a/k/a the amount of hits the "Pussy" video got the first five minutes after it went online. [Billboard]

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