The Final Farewell: CMJ Saturday in Photos

05-screaming females-2.jpg
Screaming Females, from Myopenbar's party at Above the Auto Parts Store. Photos by Rebecca Smeyne.
At long last, Rebecca Smeyne's final tour through the wilds of CMJ, featuring the Screaming Females, Glasser, Harlem, Boogie Boarder, Jeff the Brotherhood, Dinowalrus, Sisters, something ominously known as "the Colt 45 limo shuttle," Crystal Antlers, K-Holes, and a spooky after-hours Shank reunion at the Autumn Bowl. See you next year, Surfer Blood.

Glasser at the CSV Center's Matador/True Panther Sounds Myopenbar Party

Harlem at the Matador/True Panther Sounds Myopenbar Party.

03-boogie boarder.jpg
Boogie Boarder at Impose's week-long festival at Don Pedro's, the Imposition.

Dinowalrus at the Imposition.

03-jeff the brotherhood.jpg
Jeff the Brotherhood at the Imposition.

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