The Decapitator Strikes Again, Beheading Daft Punk in Shepard Fairey's DJ Hero Ad

All photos courtesy of the Decapitator's Flickr stream
Spring Street on November 6, 2009

In case you haven't been following along, the street-artist known as the Decapitator has been in New York recently. And in addition to hiding headless Shakiras in the Union Square Barnes & Noble (one was found as recently as yesterday, according to a commenter here), the culture jammer has also strategically swung his wheatpaste scythe at public ads around our fair city. But instead of just targeting smug humans, s/he's gone after a French robot--specifically Daft Punk's Guy Manuel de Homem-Christo in one of those omnipresent DJ Hero ads.

The result is an especially deft execution. This time, there's no bloody stump and protruding epiphysis left behind, but a metal spine and exposed wires. Another nice detail is that the LCD visor of de Homem-Christo's partner Thomas Bangalter now reads DECAP. Also worth noting: these DJ Hero ads are the commercial gloss of one Mr. Shepard Fairey, and no matter what you think of the guy these days, this is a far better means of visual commentary than a hastily tossed bucket of paint. Well played, Decapitator, well played. [The Decapitator's Flickr stream]



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