Tonight! The Jesus Lizard, Neko Case, And Kinky Friedman

Those of you not cool enough to attend the last upstate New York All Tomorrow's Parties jam or that Vice Halloween party clusterfuck have thus probably been denied the violent, visceral, vitriolic pleasures of the Jesus Lizard reunion, and this is no way to be, going through life without David Yow ever having urinated on you. They're at the Fillmore tonight and tomorrow with actually really splendid NYC noise-rock long-timers Skeleton Key.

Alt-country fireballer Neko Case will belt out "This Tornado Loves You" and lotsa other pretty fantastic Southern-gothic torch songs at the Beacon Theatre. Request "I Wish I Was the Moon Tonight," but otherwise keep your yaps shut.

Kinky Friedman is super-important to some people for I'm sure completely justifiable reasons. He's at B.B. King's.

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