Albita Rodriguez Is Here To Infuse Your Thursday Night With A Bit More Afro-Cuban Flair

Cuban songstress Albita Rodriguez makes an NYC tour stop tonight at SOB's, on the day of Dia de San Lazaro. The Afro-Cuban holiday honors San Lazaro (or Babalu Aye), a father-figure saint believed to protect and heal--the dance stylings of Rodriguez intend to celebrate that through her soulful lyrics and stories about growing up in Cuba. Her live show melds the locale's classic sounds--punto, claves, guiro--with compelling lyrics and a contagious personality.

Eight Grammy nominations (and a win for Best Tropical Album in 2004) aside, its Albita's stage presence that makes her a must-see. Her U.S. career was kick-started by crooning in a lounge in Miami--a set of performances that would eventually lure in Madonna, Quincy Jones, and Gloria Estefan as fans, and eventually peers. Her enigmatic personality even landed her a spot on Broadway's Mambo Kings a few years ago. Basically, you can expect a highly energetic, sultry show of rumba, son, mambo, and other Afro-Cuban rhythms from this Latin queen.

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