Hey, Gucci Mane's The State Vs. Radric Davis Is #10 in the Country!

He's no Susan Boyle (#1 for the third straight world beating week, for a grand old-people-still-buy-records total of 1.8 million copies of I Dreamed a Dream sold), but Gucci Mane does have his first top ten record. He sold 90,000--not quite Jadakiss numbers, but better than being the Clipse, who couldn't quite crack the top 40. Til The Casket Drops sold 31,400, good for #41 and a kind of tight, sad feeling in my stomach. The villainous Chris Brown crept to a #7 debut (102,000) despite some right-thinking shop owners' best efforts. And, proving the clout of Jon Caramanica once and for all, tiny Usher-and-Scooter Braun-protege Justin Bieber got a 40% bump this week and climbed back up from #12 to #8. Besides that it's just your usual none too delicious Bocelli-Swift-Gaga-Buble-Underwood salad. As you were. [Billboard]

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