Robert Christgau Remembers John Lennon, Redux


"In 1971, I wrote something about John and Yoko that they liked a lot, and to show their appreciation they invited me and my girlfriend Dominique to John's 31st birthday party--in Syracuse, where a Yoko Ono retrospective had been mounted. I've never been one to hobnob with the stars, but who could resist John Lennon? He'd always been my own personal Beatle, and probably yours. He was the one who could have been a friend of ours, the one we might have known in school or on the scene--the bohemian, the artist, the intellectual. " Robert Christgau's Voice obituary of John Lennon is something you should read today.

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Stevart topcommenter

RC writes that Lennon's call for peace cost him almost nothing.  In fact it cost him almost everything.  Lennon admitted so years later.  JL was an angry Irishman from Liverpool who churned out so much bile over the years until the bill way past due was collected.  Tragic-comic, could have been written by James Joyce as part of Dubliners.

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