Andrew W.K. Was the First Actual Human in Last Night's Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special. But Was It Really Him?


Morgan Spurlock's nerd-awaited Simpsons 20th anniversary special aired last night. Highlights: Dr. Ruth praising Marge and Homer's sex life, a visit to an actual Duff Brewery in Argentina (who currently have a pending copyright-infringement lawsuit from FOX), and the third-hardest working man in New York show business, Mr. Andrew WK, pounding out the theme song's opening notes, in his trademark faux-nose-bleed-stained T-shirt. New York's second-hardest working show-biz man is also in there too, behind the drums while the rest of the Roots and Jimmy Fallon jam out a few seconds of the Simpsons theme, as is Flea and one of his cartoony bass solos, Sting feigning humility while looking smug ("The Simpsons actually made my career"), and a mass of other musical randoms.

But back to Andrew W.K. Was that the actual man, the mind-controlled Andrew Wilkes-Krier, or some incarnation of Steev Mike in the opening clip? You could probably inquire with the man himself during "Ask Andrew W.K. Anything: A Night of Questions" at Santos Party House on February 23 (only $5!), right after you try to understand just what the hell he's been talking about for the last few weeks--something nonsensical about lies, hoaxes, and Lady Gaga that's momentarily coming off like a poorly planned record-release stunt. Or you could just watch the first ten seconds and make an educated guess yourself. Looks like knock-off Andy to me. [@AndrewWK]

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