Farewell, Club Exit

Club Exit, the Greenpoint nightspot that opened in 1995 and underwent a 2004 renovation that left it with "a zebra-print floor, crobar-like two-story palm fronds, and soft crimson mushroom-cap sculptures hanging from the ceiling," abruptly closed last Friday night, reports the Brooklyn Paper. "We're just tired with the scene," manager and part-owner Mariusz Kupiec said on Monday. "We had a lot of people, but people didn't translate to money. The pretty girls want free drinks, but the fun of giving away free drinks wears off." The club made a bid, circa-2006, to become more of a hipster spot, and local promoter Todd P even booked shows there for a summer or two. But it was not to be, and the club became known primarily for being a spot for knuckleheads and drunken fisticuffs. "We're just tired," Kupiec said. "Fifteen years is a very long time in the life of a night club, there are limits to any venue, and it's time for Club Exit to retire."

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Bull.  It wasn't their choice.  The place was padlocked by the DEA.

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