"It Has To Do With Eating Fucking DIRT, Not Graduating From A Liberal Arts College": Weasel Walter Holds Forth On No Wave, Grudgingly Lets You Listen To No New York

weasel walter 2009 4 by nondor nevai.jpg
Pic by Nondor Nevai
Brash, beloved experimental/jazz/noise/etc. drummer Weasel Walter, who moved to Brooklyn not too long ago to "fuck shit up," has a fine mini-essay on discovering No Wave in the mid-'80s, and the herculean, charmingly antiquated methods (libraries! mail-order! record stores!) he had to use to actually hear it. He concludes by passing along a link to somewhat rare and frequently deified genre comp No New York, while simultaneously lamenting that hearing it is now that easy:

Now with the interweb, we have nothing but instant gratification ... but if it's all free and instantaneous, is it really worth anything? No New York is a slice of a bygone era - I ask you downloaders, what does it mean to you right now? Can it possibly mean as much to you as it did to me back in '89? I'm not claiming that struggling and searching to have to find music makes the experience innately better, but does all this free music floating around actually have an impact, or is it all just another download waiting around on the old iPod waiting to be listened to cursorily before moving on to the next thing? I would hate to think that's all this revolutionary music means now. This is not a challenge; it's a discourse. Leave a comment.

He's not joking. I'm not sure he ever is. Monitor his exploits here.

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