A Gallery Of Spanish-Language Tweets From MtyMx That I Can Kind Of Understand

twitter mtymx 1.jpg
We've heard plenty about Todd P's MtyMx fiesta from the American perspective, but given the crowd's sizable Mexican component, what's their take? Thank god for social media, and four years of high school Spanish!

twitter mtymx 2.jpg
Love the "taaan."

twitter mytmx 3.jpg
Intense hash-tag action.

twitter mtymx 6.jpg
Don't like the sound of "un poco violento" one bit.

twitter mtymx 5.jpg
"Mucho mucho" is way better.

twitter mtymx 7.jpg
Same with "bailando."

twitter mtymx 8.jpg
Everywhere you go, there they are.

twitter mytmx 4.jpg

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