Tonight! Snoop Dogg, Darlings, The Sneaks, And Kordan

Tonight, a dream collaboration (and one we only thought possible on Wii Sports) unfolds: Snoop Dogg and bowling. Yes, Snoop is performing at the Brooklyn Bowl, thereby creating an evening in which gin, juice, and hand-eye coordination can justifiably co-exist. Meanwhile, Darlings deliver their lo-fi garage-pop at Bruar Falls, where the band is performing alongside the Sneaks, who begin one of their songs with "I haven't had sex in a year! I've forgotten what a women tastes like." You know its good power-pop when, beneath droning guitars and synth bleeps, this sentiment avoids sounding awkwardly depressing. Closing the night is Kordan at the Knitting Factory: Apparently, his dreary shoegaze is inspired by "cyberpunk dystopias" and "megacities in the Far East." Go figure.

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