Fat Mike's Not-So-Punk Restaurant Thistle Hill, Now Open in Park Slope!

Right before the first seating. Lovely in there!
It's finally here! The opening date went from March to April to May, the menu went from "new American cuisine" to "European- and Mediterranean-influenced cooking," and every dissolute former punk in Park Slope went from denial to bargaining to full-on, mouth-watering acceptance, but Fat Mike's Park Slope bastion of local cuisine (file under phrases we never expected to write) is finally here. There's already a Yelp review and everything, touting the space's "great personality," the "friendly and professional" service, and most importantly, the menu: duck confit with almonds and dates; Maine diver scallops with bacon and the ever ubiquitous ramps; beet salad, cookie plates, pannacotta, and even house-made burger rolls, apparently. An aging sell-out's dream, in other words. So far, this particular aging sell-out has only walked by the 7th Avenue and 16th Street spot, pausing to take furtive photographs of all the happy people eating their delicious dinners, but we plan to remedy that ASAP:

Like a shining beacon of shredded punk ethos

Repent, penniless crust punks, and get your money up!

These were taken on a Sunday night, btw. Imagine what Friday's gonna be like...

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