Justin Bieber's Lesbian Haircut Gets Taken to Task in Williamsburg

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We like the idea better than the execution here, but these fictional Office of Blame Accountability bills wheatpasted on Bedford Ave, along McCarren Park, take all sorts of well-known figures task: Bloomberg (for "being a douchebag"), New Yorkers (for "returning to the values of 9-10"), and Steve Jobs (blamed for, uh, "Not enough handjobs"). But the one that's probably the most vaguely amusing, simply because it's posted in Williamsburg and targeted at the nation's most momentarily famous 16-year-old pop-singer and not, say, Grizzly Bear is this one:


Nevermind being a candidate for Young Men Who Look Like Young Lesbians, this would look pretty good on Sam Ronson, no?

500-Justin Bieber-SGY-012404.jpg

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