Proof That Anna Wintour Actually Danced During Diddy and Pharrell's Performance at the Met Gala After Party?

Second from the left, no? Credit: BBC
It's not quite Katie Couric busting the world's most unseemly move, but the above photo would seem to be evidence of Vogue editrix Anna Wintour's ability to clap her hands in a somewhat demonstrative and possibly even rhythmic way. Or is it just a lookalike, standing next to a kind of Drew Barrymore/Anne Hathaway hybrid? Page Six reports that Wintour was indeed on the scene Monday night for Pharrell and Diddy's Met Gala after party at the Mark Hotel. Later, Combs apparently "grabbed Anna Wintour into the deejay booth." Perhaps that's what's being depicted in this photo here:

Honestly, our eye isn't good enough to tell if the dresses match or if it's standard procedure to change post-main event or what. Either way, that was far from the only thing going on. Oprah was in the building, heavy. Plus Usher, Katy Perry, and a whole lot of elderly people dancing. You doubt?

The rare double sighting of both the Diddy Bop and the Pharrell Oprah breast grab

Black tie, Usher! Not "powder blue suit." Black tie.

Paging Ryan Dombal. Apparently, Katy Perry's dress was made up of LED lights, and "the switch was near her boobs. She was literally having people grope her to turn the dress on."

This is about a quarter of what goes down after the DJ throws on "I Gotta Feeling." We know this from experience.

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