"The Cassette Sounds Like It Was Recorded In The Tank Of A Lower East Side Toilet": Revisiting Pussy Galore's Fantastically Half-Assed Remake Of Exile On Main Street

pussy galore exile.jpg
Given the big whoop surrounding this week's Exile on Main Street reissue, it's probably also time to revisit the other version: Quintessential NYC trash-rockers Pussy Galore's full-length, cassette-only 1986 cover version, whose genesis and legacy is lovingly recounted by friend-of-SOTC Randall Roberts for the L.A. Times, and which you can download here. Be forewarned that it is very very very scuzzy, a symphony of off-key warbles, blaring jump-cuts, and general wanton atonality: "Casino Boogie," for example, is hilarious in its utter failure to, well, boogie. "You will either hate Pussy Galore's chaotic attempt with a burning passion," Roberts advises, "or you will see that buried within this wobbled, sloppy, barely legible song cycle is the kernel of truth that Pussy Galore totally nailed it."

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