Live: Kurt Vile Commands A Sea Of Hair And Plaid At Union Pool

kurt vile more hair.jpg
Get used to not seeing this dude's face. Pics by Georgia, way more below.
Kurt Vile
Union Pool
Friday, June 18

Union Pool is one of the long-standing hook-up bars in Williamsburg. For as long as we can remember, it's been a place where people, usually young and fresh-faced college kids new to Brooklyn, go to flirt and maybe get picked up. But on Friday night, things were different: Kurt Vile was playing in the club space, and with him came a menagerie of older, bearded, more experienced gentlemen.

Sure, the crowd outside was still fashionable and hip, but inside were die-hard fans, nerds and cool kids mingling together.

Vile played the sold-out show with his band, the Violators. Since the last time we've seen them, a harpist (Mary from Espers) has been added. The band is now enchanting as well as rocking.

kurt vile hair.jpg
Vile's hair is a main player in the show.
kurt vile awe.jpg
The music was loud and awe-inspiring.
kurt vile heckler.jpg
No show is complete without a loud, drunken Australian heckler.
kurt vile plaid.jpg
There was a lot of plaid.
kurt vile face.jpg
A rare glimpse of Vile's FACE.
kurt vile free jazz.jpg
"Freak Train" featured a free-jazz solo.
kurt vile wail.jpg
This guy could really wail.
kurt vile proud.jpg
Hairy and proud?
kurt vile sadies.jpg
Kurt Vile loves the Sadies
kurt vile harp.jpg
I guess harpists get carpal tunnel too?
kurt vile love.jpg
She really wasn't into it...
kurt vile vin.jpg
Who knew Vin Diesel was a Kurt Vile fan?
kurt vile drummer.jpg
The whole band had the long-hair thing going on.
kurt vile pedals.jpg
Even Vile's pedals are emotional.
mad scene.jpg
The Mad Scene opened the show with straightforward, non-nostalgic rock 'n' roll. These guys have been doing this forever...
kurt vile vuvuzela.jpg
The night wouldn't be complete without a vuvuzela!

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