More Northside Festival Pics, Starring Les Savy Fav And Some, Uh, Very Short Shorts

savy 10.jpg
Yikes. Pics by Rebecca Smeyne.
L Magazine's four-day Northside Fest had something for everyone, including those of you with a vested interest in seeing Les Savy Fav frontman Tim Harrington's genitals. Georgia Kral's travels are here; now, let's move on to a summary of our own Rebecca Smeyne's travels. Briefly NSFW, but only if you squint, heh.

yellow fever.jpg
Yellow Fever at Union Pool.
yellow fever 2.jpg
oneohtrix point never.jpg
Oneohtrix Point Never at Glasslands.
Oberhofer at Coco 66
oberhofer 2.jpg
sondre lerche.jpg
Sondre Lerche at Coco 66
sondre lerche 2.jpg
eternal summers.jpg
Eternal Summers at Cameo
newton barge park.jpg
The scene at Newtown Barge Park.
savy 1.jpg
Les Savy Fav is apparently going through a sasquatch phase
savy 2.jpg
savy 3.jpg
savy 4.jpg
savy 5.jpg
savy 6.jpg
Another, more prevalant phase
savy 7.jpg
savy 8.jpg
savy 9 (real).jpg
O boy
donut chain.jpg
A donut chain (!) at the Tom Tom Magazine party at Death by Audio
DJ manhate.jpg
The evocatively named DJ Manhate
menya 2.jpg
red wire black wire.jpg
Red Wire Black Wire at the Charleston

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