Bushwick's Party Expo Is Still Having (Dry) Shows, Despite Cop Shut Down

all photos by Nate "Igor" Smith
NYPD pays a visit to the Street Boners book-release party

Last Thursday, the NYPD shut down our favorite Wu-Tang-endorsed, Superman-marked DIY space, Party Expo, during the release party for Gavin McInnes's Street Boners book. Wyldlife and Das Racist were scheduled to play after McInnes regaled the room with "live Street Boners," but Das Racist never did.

"Before McInnes took the mic, it was announced that the front doors had been locked and the gate pulled down," the New York Press writes. "'If you wanna leave,' we were told, 'you gotta do it ghetto over the back fence.'" Wyldlife managed to grab the microphone, but that didn't last for long. "'The party's fucking over!' someone yelled," continues the Press, which then apparently led to "a party on the J train headed back towards the city."

Party Expo has been visited by the cops before, so for now, they're still forging ahead with the pre-planned schedule (posted below). "The cops were cool," booker Stephanie Monfort writes over e-mail. "All the shows are still on." That includes dates from Soft Black, who may or may not still be looking for a notebook, Anamanaguchi, and GunFight! Monfort also says the spot is working on getting a beer-and-wine license, but at the moment, the shows are dry--which, yes, means no BYOB. Guests are allowed to re-enter, and the Beauty Bar and The Hibachi Tiki Hut are both a few doors down, so there's that. "Some of our shows we will have a bar if we get the temporary beer and wine license," Monfort promises.

One more hiccup. According to the venue's Facebook page, the previous owners have asked the current occupants to remove the eyeball-ruling Party Expo sign out front. "Move it [sic] indoor's," one commenter suggests. "I'd look sick on the walls in there!" Not a bad idea.

The Party Expo sign, late January. Photo via Superchief

Wyldlife at the Street Boners party


Gavin McInnes, talking about boners. The night before, all of SOTC watched him pantomime beat-off



Full Party Expo full line-up, and more Street Boners party photos, after the jump.

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