Photos: Ninjasonik's "Somebody Gonna Get Pregnant" Vinyl-Sleeve Art Show, Featuring What May or May Not Be a Pickle Jar of Semen

all photos and captions by Rebecca Smeyne
YIMBY columnist Chris Weingarten's contribution used the album as a platform for what appears to be... well, let's leave it to Chris, who chimes in with an update. "My piece is the jar itself, which is full of water and the record after put it in a blender. No bodily fluids were harmed in the making of this piece."

Damn, there was a plethora of lady parts at the Front Room Galleries last night in DUMBO--not a bunch, not a lot, a plethora. Makes sense. This was the opening of an art show where the white vinyl-sleeved 12-inch single of Ninjasonik's party-rap threat "Somebody Gonna Get Pregnant" was the primary canvas. So affixed to walls last night was an album cover, unfolded, and rigged to resemble a baby ninja emerging from a rather gruesome birth canal. It looked, harrowingly, like a spread from an adult pop-up book.

At the end of 2009, man-of-a-1000-projects Nick Chatfield-Taylor sent out more than 60 copies of the Ninjasonik record and asked pals, painters, and photographers to do whatever they wanted with them. Everything he got back ended up here. Much of it was tremendous, like, a Swoon drawing on cardboard, the three members of Ninjasonik turned into Beavis and Butthead characters by Matt Reilly, and an uproariously nasty MySpace note once sent to chalk-silouhette street-sketcher Ellis Gallagher. ("I have lived in the nabe since before you were born. I am subjected to all your shit.") Most of it adhered to the theme: an anatomically correct cartoon of a tattooed female (courtesy of Tony Bones), a red uterus with fallopian-tubes claws (CLAW MONEY), and a nude preggers torso, hand gripping a blunt, made to look like a face (John Dessereau). And then there this: a record mounted to the wall like a shelf, holding a pickle jar. Full of a fluid. That looked suspiciously like semen a blended record in water. Dunno, talk to Chris Weingarten.

Rebecca Smeyne
Seva Granik of on the left. On the right, A.P. (a/k/ Andy) Smith of in an appropriate T-shirt. Smith's contribution is on the far left.

all photos by Rebecca Smeyne
Album on left by Tod Seelie; album on right by BJ Warshaw of Parts & Labor

Rebecca Smeyne
Piece on the far right by this photographer

The record on the left says, "Phone sex with your dead dog." The artist for the piece on right took his blank album and, uh, spread it open, to create his canvas: it's a record sleeve giving birth to a ninja head.

A Painting by Chrissy Angliker

Ninjasonik's Telli Gramz, who'd earlier been screaming for a bathroom, in the background

Crocheted sleeve by Maggie Simpson

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