The Best Of The #indiefantasyfootballteams Twitter Tag

twit barry.jpg
So #indiefantasyfootballteams caught fire last night on Twitter, rousing the usual rogue's gallery of (mostly) amateur humorists. Anyone who's spent hours agonizing over the perfect pun (my own league's 2009 MVP: The Fontes of Wayne) knows the drill here: Let's get to the highlights.

twit favre.jpg
twit death cab.jpg
twit coast.jpg
twit arcade.jpg
twit yards.jpg
twit godspeed.jpg
twit sigur.jpg
twit mangini.jpg
twit addai.jpg
twit tebow.jpg
twit bears.jpg
twit playoffs.jpg
twit neutral.jpg
Not bad
twit neutral 2.jpg

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