Watch Dipset's Jim Jones Perform An Extremely Awkward Set at Death By Audio

Photo of Jim Jones covering "Six Pack" at Death By Audio by Rebecca Smeyne.
Three weeks ago, Dipset capo Jim Jones pulled up at Williamsburg's Death By Audio at around 1:15 a.m. on a Friday night, unfolded his lanky frame out of the passenger seat, strolled through a crowd of befuddled punk rockers, and took the stage with Philly art-rockers Snakes Say Hisss. It made no sense. At the time, all we came away with from Jimmy's surprise performance was a suite of hilarious photographs and a blurry video of Jones rapping "Salute." Now, Damon Dash's Creative Control team have produced a more loving, black and white portrait of the evening. It is equally ridiculous. Behold: made-up gang signs, hipsters making out, a man identified as "David Chang," though we don't think he is, Dame Dash looking bemused, Jones signing an autograph for a girl who looks a lot like Charlene Yi, and maybe the worst version of "Love Me No More" you've ever heard in your life, below.

CAPO [Creative Control]

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