Download Twin Sister's Slick, Slippery "Meet The Frownies"

twin sister frownies.jpg
Long Island's Twin Sister make smokey, ethereal, gorgeous, just slightly off-putting "occult pop" (per this guy) that leaves us uneasy and thoroughly enraptured: We've followed them onto rooftops and everything. Thanks to the Shaking Through project, they've now emerged from their "first ever experience in a high-end recording studio" with the bizarre, bizarrely titled "Meet the Frownies." First line: "Smoking weed with you in the leaves in the fall/In the yard with your dog till the winter came," sung by Andrea Estella as though it's the most romantic thing she's ever heard.

<a href="">Meet the Frownies by Weathervane Music</a>

Listen above and get more information here; lest you get a little too spellbound, try to remember that Estella is fond of saying things like "I just want to be in a bad horror film; I want to be a demon, I want to have a big knife, and I want to kill a man." They're on tour now, but will be back November 18 at Webster Hall to open for the Morning Benders. Check your weapons at the door.

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