The Human Behind ICP Fans Against Juggalos Speaks

The abridged version of our 5500-word primer on Juggalos goes something like this. The self-declared "most misunderstood people in the world" insist they are not a roving gang of suburban serial killers, but a fellowship of outcasts united by dick jokes, harlequin vigilantes, and family love. This last part is particularly offensive to the creator of ICP Fans Against Juggalos, who says that clown rappers Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope have become little else than "a pair of tree-hugging hippies looking to spread peace, love, and the word of the Holy Bible" and that while he once identified as a Juggalo, now the community is nothing but "a support group for misfit children." We spoke with the anonymous blogger, a mid-20s Chicagoan who describes himself as "an award-winning independent filmmaker" that doesn't "want to be known solely for this blog," over e-mail.

When did you first get into ICP?

I got into ICP back in 1995, when they were still a relatively unknown (outside of the Midwest) group from Detroit. I was a kid back then, about 10 years old. I didn't really get what their deal was with the facepaint at first, but when I heard the song "Toy Box" [about an elementary school outcast who gets revenge on his peers with a lethal-toy arsenal] I felt that I could relate. That was me to a tee--aside from building toys that murdered all of my classmates, of course.

Once years passed and I got a bit older (and angrier), I started to realize what [the band's] message was. Their intense imagery was made to frighten the upper-class and get them to be more afraid of the lower-class instead of looking down on us like shit. It's also a heavily marketable image, which, as I got older, made me admire that they had the creativity to conceive the image and cash in on it.

No matter what any Juggalo tells you: ICP does love their fans, but [Violent J] Bruce and [Shaggy 2 Dope] Utsler would be lying if they told you that they weren't out to make a buck. [Author's note: J and Shaggy had never heard of the site when we spoke with them, but the latter offered, "It's probably some moron just trying to have people talk about him."]

What did you connect with about their lyrics?

Most of the songs I can connect to were made before 1998. To see a group like ICP, with such an angry and hateful message, actually scare the well-to-do parents of children made me a bit happy, as bad as that may sound. The parents were scared of an image; and thinking about them being terrified of the music from back then used to make me smile. And to think, at the root, these two guys were simply venting frustrations on tape, genuinely angry at the world because of the cards they were dealt. Being the same way, I related a lot.

How can an ICP fan be against Juggalos?

It's like this: I love ICP, but I hate the majority of their fan base. I look at the Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, and any other band/rapper that is, and ever was, on [ICP's label] Psychopathic [Records] as "Juggalos." Everyone else is just a follower. Lead by example: the archetypes for the "Juggalo" [Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope] worked hard and busted their asses on a daily basis to make something out of themselves, and to turn something into nothing. They still do everyday. They dropped out of high school, have felonies, they drink, they get high--no one is perfect, but they didn't let it deter them from their goal. And they let out their anger in a positive way and use it as a driving force to make something better for their lives.

Look at the average "Juggalo," and you'll see the opposite. He sits at home all day, gets high constantly, plays his XBox360, has no ambition, doesn't try to advance himself in any way and makes an ass out of himself publicly (usually both online and in real life) while claiming to be a "hardcore Juggalo" because of the Ringmaster T-shirt on his back. He'll claim to be part of a "Juggalo Family," but wouldn't lift a finger for his so-called "family" unless he was put on the spot (and still, would only do it reluctantly). In essence, doing everything to disrespect everything ICP has ever done or will do while making them look like shit instead of feared. Look up the term "Juggalo Julie," and you'll find a "Juggalette" (who refers to herself as a "Juggalo") who killed her baby in the womb with her neglect, because she couldn't stop popping pills and drinking excessively while she was pregnant.

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