10 Halloween Costume Ideas For Music Nerds

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Halloween is nearly upon us. You don't have a costume yet, because you're a music nerd. We are here to help. Abandon your half-assed Lady Gaga concept and try these practical suggestions instead.

The Dude From Baths

That's a Pomeranian, in case you were wondering.

M.I.A. In Concert

MIA brooklyn bowl.jpg
What you need here is a boombox blaring turgid, unlistenable noise and a microphone that terribly distorts your voice, along with several bottles of tequila to share with/throw at passersby. For the extra mile, get your friends to dress up as Die Antwoord, show up at the party before you, and be generally way more enjoyable.

Shirtless Rick Ross

Take off your shirt. Make this face. Now hold it for three hours.

Kanye West + Ballet Dancers

kanye ballerinas.jpg
And not like fat guys in tutus, either--actual professional ballet dancers. Commit to this. He did! (And don't forget the Horus chain.)

The Rapping Dude From Salem

Freestyle rhyme your way in the door (careful with the subject matter though), then assume a crouching position toward the back of the party and remain there until the reputation of your band is redeemed.

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