The Top 10 NSFW Music Videos of 2010


One major downside to 2010: There's a pretty good chance you lost your job. The good news, though, is that the concept of NSFW no longer applies, and so today, while your former co-workers are stuck in their cubicles, bored to death and forced to pass around OK Go's latest YouTube meme, you are free to watch the videos below without fear of censure. OK, it's not much, but we're trying. So whether you're at home or your boss is just out of town, here are the 10 best NSFW music videos of 2010.

Lil B, "Rich Bitch"

Lil B might have made this video just so it could appear on this list. In its description, he writes (in all caps, of course), "OMG LIL B HAS A LITTLE BABY GUN IN THIS VIDEO ALSO HE HAS A BOTTLE OF ALCOHOL THIS IS JUST HIM CREATING A TYPICAL HIP HOP VIDEO SCENARIO." But as he's done all year, the Based God takes those conventions and simultaneously honors them and mocks them, adapts to them and subverts them. That "little baby gun" is never fired, and instead gets played for laughs when shooting gestures are poorly synced to the track's gunshots. And the eponymous rich bitch? None other than B himself.

Grinderman, "Heathen Child"

The first four minutes of "Heathen Child" are probably, technically speaking, safe for work. There's no nudity, and the violence is limited to men dressed like Spartans zapping stock footage of armies and birds. So if you feel comfortable with your boss and co-workers watching you watch this sort of thing, then by all means, YouTube away. However, you might want to press pause just before those first four minutes are up. At 3:58, we see the first bare ass. At 4:37, a girl taking a bath is overcome by her own, rapidly growing hair. At 4:54, the first nude body appears, and then the video completes its transformation into something you'd expect Agent Cooper to encounter in the Black Lodge.

Behemoth, "Alas, Lord Is Upon Me"

For the video to "Ov Fire and the Void," the first song off 2009's Evangelion, Behemoth included tarot cards, naked prisoners locked in a sort of futuristic dungeon, something that might be a birth, and drummer Inferno pounding away on his 17-piece kit. If I had written this list last year, it surely would have made the cut. However, with "Alas, Lord Is Upon Me," the band has outdone itself. The video doesn't start out particularly promising, but 35 seconds in, the camera tilts down to reveal a child pouring a watering can filled with blood onto the Pope's buried, squirming head. From here on, "Alas" becomes a full-blown Behemoth video, featuring whips, prisoners, nudity, and just enough medieval dystopian imagery to make sure your co-workers never look at you the same way again.

Cee Lo Green, "No One's Gonna Love You"

Fourteen years ago, Cee Lo might have turned some heads at the office with the robbery scene that kicks off the clip for Goodie Mob's "Dirty South," but in 2010, the reconstituted r&b singer had everyone at the water cooler harmonizing the words "Fuck You." Still, the nudity in "No One's Gonna Love You" probably puts it off-limits back at the cubicle, even if it's one of the more romantic NSFW vids in recent memory (and the perfect thing to pick you up after that Behemoth clip). Yes, the dialogue -- "Let's do this together" -- is a little corny, but Cee Lo Green covering Band of Horses surprisingly isn't.

M.I.A., "Born Free"

"Born Free" begins with a warning: "The following video contains violent scenes that may be unsettling to some viewers." Well, yeah, that's kind of the point. But even before the chaos kicks into gear with a woman unexpectedly receiving a punch to the face and invading troops interrupting an older couple about to get it on (and before that chaos culminates with the shooting of a 12-year-old boy, plus the whole land mine thing), Romain Gavras's direction is unsettling enough. It's basically his video for "Stress," but with the camera on the side of the colonizers. So don't play this one at work, particularly if your boss' sympathies lie with gingers, the Sri Lankan Armed Forces, or Lynn Hirschberg.

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