Evidence that New Yorkers Do, In Fact, Use Their CMJ Gift Bags

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Max Willens, occasional SOTC contributor, showing off the YouTube socks that were also in the 2010 CMJ gift bag.

Despite what anyone tells you, we here at Sound of the City love CMJ Music Festival. If CMJ was a homeless man, we would give him voice-over work. If CMJ was an ice cream cone, we'd get it tattooed on our cheeks. If CMJ was a subway rat, we'd let it crawl on our faces.

But this past year, we heard a lot of grumbling from ungrateful spoileds about the official CMJ event bag that was given away to badgeholders. There were two primary concerns: 1) anyone lugging around the functional keepsake would look ridiculous because of the prominent brand name placement--it is difficult to seem self-respecting while rocking a "Yak Pak," we suppose; 2) the purpley tree-branch pattern looked like a Pacific Sunwear clearance-rack haulaway.

Haters be damned. For one, ours served a significant role in the First Annual Village Voice Web Awards, carting over half a case of Four Lokos from the office to Santos Party House last month. Then this morning, a proud young man was spotted at the corner of Greenpoint and Manhattan Avenues, carrying his CMJ 2010 bag. We took a picture.

yeah i took this so what

Now, anyone got a photo of those Northside Festival 2009 KangaRoos in action? Don't be embarrassed, we know you wear them.

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