Live: Lady Miss Kier Delights The Dropout Sundays Crowd At Don Hill's

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OK with the crossfader, better with the crowd. Pics by Puja, more below.
Dropout Sundays
Starring Lady Miss Kier
Don Hill's
Sunday, January 9

Better Than: A dance floor without a mannequin

A few weeks ago, a mannequin dressed as NYC party boy Richie Rich disappeared from its home in the DJ booth at Don Hill's. He's been found, though, and the shirtless doll returned to watch over a dance floor of oddities late last night. The club's most loyal patron didn't seem to mind the gorgeous pair of ladies grinding at his feet or the ninja-style high-kicks of another that nearly knocked the bright red wig off his head. Richie's gaze was instead focused intently on the turntables, where a glittery-eyed boy (shrouded by a cape, mind you) whispered into Lady Miss Kier's free ear just as a muffled clatter of beats brought a verse of "There's Some Hoes In This House" over the speakers. You know, just another Dropout Sunday at Don Hill's.

Kier is something of a marvel herself. Not a whole lot has changed from the Deee-Lite singer's "Groove Is in the Heart" days: The big red hair and heavy eyeliner remains, though tonight a golden dress with a tutu replaces her signature bodysuits of yesteryear. Despite her nearly 50 years of age, she still makes a great playful club queen, dishing out smiles to a very persistent camerawoman, dancing with a drunk fan, humoring the audience with vocal overlays of dance hits, and so on. (We nearly died as she belted out the opening lines to Inner City's "Big Fun.")

As a DJ, she's a little less impressive. Unfortunately, her crowd-friendly song selection noticeably trumped her ability to use the crossfader. "We're going to take it way back and then into the future," she informed the dance floor before launching into a selection of '90s club anthems and hip-hop (she played "Da' Dip" and "Paid In Full"), somewhat haphazardly mashed together. The crashing segues didn't matter to Kier's loyal fans, though, and a new flock of revelers invaded the dance floor right as we were sure the night was over. The new group included a suited white guy that exclusively emulated Michael Jackson, a man in a sequined devil mask, and the new cast of The Real L Word (film crew included). Amazing.

By 3 a.m., the foggy fun house had exhausted even the casual spectator in us. (Honestly, the new waves of fashion-forward revelers seemed never-ending.) As we left, we noticed that the promoter had retreated to the couches for a breather himself. "My boyfriend and I started Dropout Sundays about five weeks ago," he explained with pride. "Peaches played it when she was in town, and we've got Debbie Harry playing in a few weeks. You should come!" See you then.

Critical Bias: I'm basically diva obsessed.

Overheard: "Is that a time machine?!" -- Man with sunglasses on, referring to my Blackberry.

Random Notebook Dump: Gay hipsters are more fun to dance with than straight ones.

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LMK devil.jpg
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Just for reference

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Dropout/Kier was a blast! she played such a wild set surprising me and bringing a smile to my face ("paid in full" was one of those times).

The whole mood was fun while still having that wonderful sleazy creative vibe that New York was built on. 2011's already feeling like a great year (as long as those birds stop dropping from the sky).

Moonie Ma
Moonie Ma

Yo Lady Miss Kier threw down, to' up and brought it last Sunday night. I will four paw claw a bitch who says Kier cannot mix!!!! WTF was that shit even about....??? all I was thinking the entire night was, damn, never knew Lady Miss Kier was THIS good of a dj!! She can MIX HER FUCKING ASS OFF, Y'EARD??!!???!! Not only can Lady Miss Kier WERK a cross fader, her tunes were big - her repertoire vast - her understanding of how to make crowd move is real....whatever they were wearing is irrelevant....she knew just how to get the energy going and keep it, work in those classics and mix them in with current shit just right. Those gay boys, rave dykes, hipsters, queens, and nondescript mfs just tryna to have a good time n shake some ass could all recognize just alike....that's why the crowd kept comin through and through the whole night....cuz everybody fuckin KNEW!! EXCEPT THAT WRITER PU!!! Haahahah


This review is worthless and clearly written by someone who has no clue about music. Lady Kier's 3 hour set was one of the best I have heard in a long time. Her selection was amazing and I loved the way she mixed many different styles of music, not to mention her incredible vocals. I checked out more of her sets on mixcloud and her own website: (I love the live from Moscow set)!


Dropout was awesome! Kier was awesome! That was such a fun (and strange) night.

To be fair to Puja, there were 2 instances where the crossfade didn't exactly come across as beatmatching but as more of a crazy sonic rumble. But nobody cared and the insane selection of music just blew everyone away. Kier should be blessing the crowd more often!


Lady Miss Kier was soooooo AWESOME!!!! She literally blew me away with her selection of music and her mixes were supa' DOPE!!!!

Me and my friends came out just to see her and we were not disappointed! The dance floor was crowded and dancing all nite, I never had so much fun!

Was Puja Patel at the right party? I admit I was a little skeptical of celebrity DJ, especially a woman, thinking that maybe they'll do nothing but smile all nite and play whatever is popular on the radio.

But Lady Kier had me and my friends dancing with some really hot, eclectic mixes from the moment she took commanded of the DJ booth! Lady Kier has definite skills as a DJ and she definitely knows her music and what makes a crowd dance all night long!

Sir Duke
Sir Duke

Puja Patel is not very educated when it comes to music or djs . perhaps she needs to report on fashion instead. I look forward and download all of lady miss Kier's mixes and can say she is one of the most underrated djs working today. As a dj myself , i am inspired by the risks she takes which show her love and vast knowledge of what works any dancfloor that only a committed artist could produce. No dj's i've heard would risk fusing a rare unreleased sly stone track with early detroit techno from model 500 , into warm soulful disco from eddie kendricks , dc go-go , baile funk , with the nostalgic pop hits from pharcyde , to todays best from electro and nu-disco . lady kier is a music historian. I was at her party on sunday and again could not believe her lovely mixing and perfect set transcending the floor with a Tina marie tribute , to the latest Redroom bernard ferrer thumper back into Bionic boogie then a unsuspected feverish funk throwdown,laced with baltimore booty, rare and forgotten classic rave anthems,and then pop hits such as mark ronson's q-tip collaboration. The hater , puja patel, who claims to be a journalist must be too young or ignorant to know the significance of Miss kier's talents and it became evident in her report which focussed on how people looked and dressed . when lady kier began to dj she was more famous as a singer and it's true ,15 years ago Miss Kier's mixes were sub-par but for puja patel to base her story on a rumor instead of listening shows that she is not qualified to write music reviews. Stick to fashion and gossip Pujy. Sir Duke


Don't know what the writer was listening to, but I was there ALL NITE and Kier was dope on the Ones's and Two's! Her mixes were flawless ALL NIIIIITE!

Kier nows how to get a crowd dancing!!! Now when is she releasing NEW music! We miss you Lady Miss Kier!!!


Kier just blew everyone away is right. I was there the whole time and I didn't hear any crossfade sonic rumble....??? Yeah, the selection was definitely dope and original as don't find djs in this town with that type of versatility, knowledge, special following and the type of LOVE Kier blesses a space with.... where are the comments on here and in that article about the energy Kier infuses in her sets.... ??? The problem with NYC nightlife of today and whatever house scene is left here is that people don't understand or even get that same vibe they did in the 80s & 90's....shit was real...not some contrived hipster social-climber bullshit


Yes yes & right on!!! you took the words right outta my mouth sir. I was there on Sunday night and I was blown away by Lady Miss Kier's swag as a dj!! Yeah was everything about the scene and what people were wearing....sounded like hateration....Shit was fiyah

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