Presenting Popdust, A New Pop-Music Blog Costarring One Maura Johnston

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The birth of any new music-writing outlet is cause for ecstatic celebration, particularly when it happens to involve writers we know and love. So please welcome Popdust, the new concern of former Blender/Billboard dude Craig Marks, featuring the blogging talents of one Maura Johnston, who you'll remember from Idolator, the Awl, and yes, SOTC. Just in time to deal with this new Britney Spears tune, too. This is a huge boon to fans of both pop and great pop writing; there needs to be a place on the Internet where someone who knows what she's talking about can, say, rank Janet Jackson's #1 hits from one to 34. So let's welcome this thing into being by cranking up Janet's #1 #1, on which we and Maura happen to agree. Congrats, and good luck:

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Please check out this new music video.  The idea behind the song is that real beauty is more than makeup, eyeliner, nail polish, hairstyle, or perfume. An alien or vampire or elderly woman can be beautiful in the eyes of another... another person can touch the "real you... and see the beauty inside".


Janet Jackson is one of the most popular singer she gave many hit songs at her time.



Awesome video!

She is definitely someone who deserve to be in the USA Music Charts forever and ever.

Thanks for this video.

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