Here's What The LCD Soundsystem Ticket Line Looked Like

LCD line 2.JPG
Pics by Francesca Stabile, who hopefully wore layers.
So presale tickets for LCD Soundsystem's gala Madison Square Garden show went on sale at 10, in both the "frantically refresh" and "wait in the blistering cold outside Mercury Lounge" varieties; folks who opted for the former appear to be displeased. And as for those who decided to spend upwards of two hours in a line apparently stretching around three blocks on the Lower East Side? Well, at least it was a bonding experience. A long, trudging, possibly-still-ongoing bonding experience. More pics below; let's try the thing again Friday when this show "officially" goes on sale, and hope the "#fail" hashtags are kept to a minimum.

LCD line 1.JPG
LCD line 3.JPG
LCD line 4.JPG

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Hi everyone. I'm in LA and I bought 12 tickets which I can't wait to scalp to you. 300s I shall sell for $20 above face but for the rest I will gouge you. It's quite warm and temperate here. must go back to sleep now.

Kate Bryant
Kate Bryant

i admire that you wear your asshole badge with pride.


You are whats wrong with this world.

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