LCD Soundsystem Shows Take Longer Than 15 Seconds To Sell Out, As Twitter Rejoices

LCD Soundsystem have finally succeeded at getting tickets into the hands of people other than scalpers. The group's four warm-up gigs at Terminal 5 went on sale this morning at 9 A.M. and, to the delight of many a James Murphy fan, took almost an hour to sell out completely. While this may seem like a ridiculously short amount of time, at least it didn't turn out like the Madison Square Garden thing. It appears that the band's scalper-deterrent measures worked, and many "true fans" took to Twitter to celebrate. Thankfully, no Libya jokes were made today, showing that people are much more respectful when they get their damn tickets:

However, proving that even total successes can be cruel, some people missed out. This guy is pretty determined:

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LCD, I kiss the ground you walk on! How did they put restrictions in place? I hope every band will follow LCDs lead. Scalpers are lower than dirt. How did this "business" ever become legal in the first place? They call themselves ticketing "services" or "outlets", but lets be honest: its just sleazy rip-off greed.

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