Scalped LCD Soundsystem Tickets At Madison Square Garden Are Now Available For $1,500

You have no choice to admire the chutzpah of someone who'd hop on Stubhub and offer $1,500-a-shot tickets for a show that isn't even technically on sale yet. And yet here we are. Whether this is serious or performance art or what we couldn't rightly say, but let us politely suggest that you wait until tix for LCD Soundsystem's April 2 farewell show at Madison Square Garden are actually on sale, Friday at 11 a.m., before you go selling whatever amount of plasma it would require to finance this. (The ticket-resale market is already robust, but usually within more logical bounds: Tickets for this morning's Pitchfork presale, which lasted all of like 60 seconds apparently, topped out at a far more manageable $61.50.) Oh, and to whoever's offering this fantastic deal: James Murphy wants to kick your ass.

Well, in any event, whatever personage is behind LCD's official Twitter is very upset.

This seems a good a time as any to mention that Murphy was dabbling in Ultimate Fighting a while back. Just in case it comes to that.

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NationalShowTickets com has them from $209 still higher but at least not $1500Mary


Way to go James Murphy! Here today in Michigan, Bob Seger pre-sale tickets went on sale to Silver Bullet Fan Club members only. By 10:01, they were all gone. By 10:30, 4 were on Stub Hub for $1000 a piece. As of tonight, we have not heard any response from the Seger camp. At least the LCD fans know James is as pissed as they are.

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