Godspeed You Black Emperor Tickets For Brooklyn Masonic Temple Are Back On Sale

The scene last night. Pic by Santiago Felipe
A brief public service announcement: Canadian post-rock juggernaut Godspeed You Black Emperor is here all week, with five sold-out shows that began Monday at Terminal 5, will end Thursday and Friday at the Church of St. John the Apostle, and in between are descending upon what might well be the best venue in New York; their show last night at Brooklyn Masonic Temple was a thing of very, very intense beauty, and tonight's encore will be more of the same. And while all these gigs have been sold out forever, a small clutch of tickets for tonight have just been put on sale. You ain't gonna get much more catharsis for $25. So enjoy yourself, and prepare yourself: Here they are at T5, trying to blow the house down.

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In a singles-obsessed, everybody-dance moment in music, it's astonishing that this bleak instrumental collective with songs stretching well into double-digits and no obvious frontperson still commands such devotion.

But for fans, many of whom discovered the band during the years of night-vision bombing footage from the Iraq war, Godspeed offered a kind of solace in a difficult political moment. And from the set's opening movements, off the band's standout 2000 album, "Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven," it was clear why Godspeed resonated. There's simply no other band whose members play desolation and joy off each other like they do.

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