Live: Phobia Turn The Charleston Into A Seething Pit Of Grindcore Rage

phobia main.JPG
Hope you don't mind being repeatedly punched in the face. Pics by Daniel.
The Charleston
Thursday, March 10

Last night 21-year Orange County grindcore veterans Phobia turned their 90-second blasts of anger, hate, and bloody-mouthed frustration into goddamn national anthems, tapping into the boiling vein that fuels crust punks and metalheads alike via their common bond: rage. For a full hour, the Charleston's basement became a kind of community center for all fans of extreme music: Everyone was an equal-opportunity punching bag.

Given that few grindcore songs exceed a minute and a half, a good set isn't so much about individual numbers, but rather how effectively the band can create and sustain the violence of the pit. Never one to break the mood, stout-jawed Phobia vocalist Shane McLachlan returned none of the crowd's love throughout the barrage of blast beats and proto-grind riffs, choosing instead to bait the crowd into moshing harder. At one point he stopped and told us, "You guys are fucking seriously irritating," an insult that doubled as a great motivator. You probably don't want to know how it all felt, but here's what it looked like:

phobia 2.jpg
phobia 3.JPG
phobia 4.JPG
phobia 5.JPG
phobia 6.JPG
phobia 7.JPG
phobia 8.JPG
phobia 9.JPG
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Ari Lordship
Ari Lordship

Doesn't look like the usual band. Weird. I think I've seen that bass player doing crack in Tompkins.


Phobia crushes!!!!!! Shane eats concrete for dinner


Hell YES! I didn't know Phobia were playing NYC. The Charleston needs a working website.

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