Roseland Was Totally On Fire

A two-alarm fire broke out at Roseland tonight around 10:30 (originating on the mezzanine level) and was contained a little over an hour later; the latest report at the moment says six firefighters suffered minor injuries, but thankfully that's the extent of it. There was no show happening, thank god -- the next gigs scheduled are the Dropkick Murphys Thursday and Friday. More on this as events warrant -- in the meantime, let's thank @balzerdesigns for the best photo Twitter has to offer at the moment:

roseland fire.jpg

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Trademark Litigation

Here is Similar Story

The Roseland Fire Department is an all volunteer department consisting of over 30 members operating from a single station in Roseland, New Jersey. Each year we respond to many requests for fire and rescue services while maintaining an active role in our community.

Our town is primarily residential, but also contains several office complexes, industrial sites, and has a major state highway running through it. As a result, our department responds to a wide variety of incidents ranging from structure fires, car fires, motor vehicle accidents, rescues, fire alarms, medical service, electrical fires.

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