The Big 4 Are Playing Yankee Stadium This September

via Facebook
Who gave Mustaine the keys to the Photoshop demo? (Just kidding, Dave!)
This is the news: The second concert event at the new Yankee Stadium has been announced, and oh boy is it a doozy. The metal deities Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax--d/b/a The Big 4--have announced, after partying it up (and making East Coasters extremely jealous) at the Indio Polo Grounds last weekend, that they will play in the Bronx on September 14. The above poster's swiped from the official Facebook page for the collective, which now lists the Bronx as its home (aww); Metallica provides further confirmation on its official site, Slayer on its Facebook page. Tickets go on sale May 6; presales happen May 4. This... this is going to be great. (Expensive too, probably. But great.)

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