Five Great Records On Fondle 'Em That Aren't By MF Doom

4. FE007 Cage--"Radiohead" / "Agent Orange" (1997)

Before morphing into the aging emo BFF of Shia LaBeouf and Kid Cudi that he is today, Cage was an angry, chubby shock rapper on Fondle 'Em. Effectively functioning as a double A-Side, "Radiohead" found Cage rapping about how crazy he was and the crazy things that crazy rappers do. The flip--"Agent Orange"--did the same, but contextualized it better with a Clockwork Orange theme and sample. It'd be easy/lazy to compare it to Odd Future in the name of blog-buzz familiarity but I won't because not all incredibly vulgar and socially dysfunctional rappers are built the same. "Agent Orange" later exacerbated a beef with fellow rising underground star Eminem, who posed as the film's Alex on the cover of Stress. You might recall Em's boast on The Slim Shady EP: "Bought Cage's tape / opened it / and dubbed over it." That tape likely had "Agent Orange" on it. That's Em's loss.

5. FEMF-1 MF Grimm--"Do It For The Kids" / "Bloody Love Letter" 12" (1998)

B-Side wins again here with "Bloody Love Letter" tells the grim (npi) tale of the shooting that bound MF Grimm to a wheelchair. Though his profile is a lot lower than his one-time rhyme partner Doom, Grimm has been able to carve out a solid, if nichey, career for himself in the years since, dropping a long-running string of projects including an overly indulgent triple disc and a DC/Vertigo published graphic novel based on his life.

Honorary mentions: Lord Sear--"Alcoholic Vibes"; MHz--"World Premier"; Scienz Of Life--"Powers Of 9 Ether"; The Arsonists--"Halloween"; Siah--"Repetition"

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