Lady Gaga's Glitchy, Catholicism-Drenched "Judas" Has Leaked

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YouTube rips of it are being taken down faster than you can say "Ju-daas-ah-ah-ah," and it's not available on iTunes in the US even though people within my Ping network who live in Australia and the UK have purchased it already (see? and you thought the iTunes Store's social-networking features were totally useless) although it's up on iTunes now, but Lady Gaga's "Judas," the second single from the slowly, ominously approaching Born This Way, is out there, and on first through 13th listen, oh boy is it a doozy. Embed after the jump.

It's nastier and darker, but "Judas" definitely mines the same territory as "Bad Romance"--lots of instantly memorable wordless vocalizing, a pummeling beat, lyrics about a romance that is, well, bad. And the chorus seems to have been created by placing the "Bad Romance" sheet music upside-down somewhere and saying, "huh, that works" when trying to play it. But Gaga isn't only drawing inspiration from herself; the riff brings to mind the shrill synth intro of Yazoo's "Don't Go," only pitched way down. Anyway, get ready for this to be all over the streets this spring, and also expect Gaga calling herself "hooker, prostitute, wench" and comparing herself to Jesus in the same four-minute span to result in people calling for her head, or at least for her to do a couple of public rosaries.

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It's not my favorite Gaga single and it never will be, but I do like the way the "Ju-DAS Judah-ah-ah" bit makes me think of a demented Andrew Lloyd Webber. I wonder how much shit she's gonna catch for the Rihanna-aping verses? More fuel for the "Gaga as ripoff artist" burns, I assume. (I do admit I'd rather she have come up with some kind of melody for the more monotone bits, no matter how fun that vocal sneer might be.)


I thought it was more Sprockets than Rihanna. (Also I'm pretty sure the spoken-word breakdown is the English-language version of what she used to score the Mugler show, no?)


Based on the listening thing I went to (shhh!), that was the song "Scheiße," which sounds kind of a lot like this, but even more 90s-dancefloored-out and even more industrial. It had a similar spoken-word section though. (Also, yes, "Scheiße" serves serious Sprockets realness.)

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