Poly Styrene, R.I.P.

Poly Styrene, whose howl and unwillingness to be "seen and not heard" made her a heroine among many, has passed away after a battle with breast cancer. Born Marianne Joan Elliott-Said, Styrene quickly became an iconic figure as frontwoman of the skronky X-Ray Spex; the way she paired incisive lyrics and a refusal to conform to societal standards with an awe-inspiring wail set the standard for the likes of Kathleen Hanna and Beth Ditto. Styrene's new album Generation Indigo, produced by Youth, comes out today in the U.S.; in an interview with eMusic, she said of her decision to return to recording, "I just channel my songs like a medium. Who knows why, but they just come through me, and they're for sharing. I sing them to my friends, and if my friends like them, then I'm quite happy that they're good songs."After the jump, videos from her X-Ray Spex years, as well as a track from Generation Indigo.

"Oh Bondage Up Yours!" (1977)

"Identity" (1978)

"Virtual Boyfriend" (2011)

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best female punk singer ever for my money. Rest in peace.

Ed Kollin
Ed Kollin

Stunned, I did not know she was ailing. This person exuded life. Near the top if not the best female rock vocalist ever in my view. And unlike many "rock stars" she did not come across as having her brain up her ass, and despite her confrontational music came across as a genuinely nice person.

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