Beyoncé's Exploding-With-Stuff Video For "Run The World (Girls)"

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Those shoes are explosive enough, don't you think?
The video for Beyoncé's "Run The World (Girls)" has been released, and in contrast to her clips for "Single Ladies" and "Diva" and "Crazy In Love" it's a positively maximalist affair, with an opening shot of Beyoncé on a horse, a phalanx of dancers, a couple of tamed-by-B beasts, and B's army closing things out by overpowering a bunch of riot cops though the power of (admittedly well-done) choreography. (There's a blown-up car as well, although we'll give her that one since it was in the "Diva" video too.) Why B chose to go so big on this one, when the pec-flexing she does in the first minute or so is pretty much all she needs to do in order to get her point across, is a mystery. Help solve it by watching the clip, which is below the cut!

Does the ending mean that if we all just band together and boogie Beyoncé-style we can not only get healthy, we can solve the issue of women being oppressed all over the world, too? Haha, just kidding!

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Beyonce really did think she was making history here, but the problem is that she has the depth of a gnat. So you're right, this really was over the top and probably very expensive to make. Only for what? A girl power anthem sang while crawling on the floor between some guy's legs? Obvious war imagery when the middle east is in upheaval? Does this woman have even one brain cell? If only she just stuck to crotch thrusting and weave tossing.

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